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Confident Humility is about re-thinking leadership in a counter-cultural way. I'm Joel, and I'd love to come and speak to your group about how Confident Humility can improve every area of your leadership and life.


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In addition to leadership, I also apply the principles of Confident Humility in three other messages. These are on the topics of education, relationships, and the study of history:

What Are You Doing Here? - This presentation focuses on the effect of Confident Humility on the education, both for teachers and for students. It examines how our motives and our understanding of the purpose of education shape the results.

Four Parents, Two HousesConfident Humility is necessity for proper relationships, and this message focuses on how it will help improve difficult relationships between adults or between adults and children. 

Why History Matters - The study of history expands and increases our understanding of who we are and who we are becoming, and this message shows how history, when studied through the lens of Confident Humility, helps us grow as people while also becoming less judgmental of others.


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Hello, and welcome! My name is Joel W. Hawbaker, and I am a 35-year-old award winning teacher and soccer coach, living in Alabama with my beautiful wife, our two daughters, and our two dogs. I have been formally studying and also exercising leadership in various capacities for almost twenty years. Thanks for taking the time to visit, and I will be glad to help you however I can.

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