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* Here’s a great article/interview featuring yours truly on the Awesome Gang book and author website! I’m honored to be featured on there, and I hope you enjoy it as well!

* Listen in on my most recent podcast interview, this one with Kevin Sullivan on his show called The Wait What If Podcast! We discuss whether leaders are born or made, how leaders are shaped in our culture and time, and what kind of leaders millennials will make. Check it out here:

* Listen to my conversation with Vince Massara on his show called the Smart Edupreneur Podcast! We discussed being a teacher and an entrepreneur, how to find speaking gigs, and what it’s like to learn an entirely new way of thinking. Enjoy our conversation here:

* Listen in on my conversation with Henry Johnstone on his podcast called The Inner Warrior! We had a great time discussing the power of faith, the ways the Church has been misrepresented in history, and why kindness is so important. Find our conversation here:

* Listen in on my recent four-part conversation with Scott Maderer on his Inspired Stewardship podcast! We discussed Inverted Leadership, confident humility, and why being a lifelong learner is key to good leadership. Part one of our interview is all about how to Invest in Yourself:

* Listen in to this episode of The Green Door Podcast, a celebration of all things Tolkien! I was blessed enough to have a quick cameo at the beginning, in their new segment called ‘Three Questions’ or ‘Hu-an, Two, Three’. Check it out here:

* I’m excited to officially be listed as a best-selling author on Amazon! Check out the press release regarding a book in which I was featured and to which I contributed. Special thanks to Mike Saunders for making it possible, and congrats to all the other influencers featured in the book!

* Listen in to my interview on the Stories From the Launchpad podcast with Bravo Nyamudoka! We had a great time discussing Inverted Leadership and some of the inspirations and stories behind the book. I really enjoyed this interview, and you can find it here:

* Listen in on my interview on the Going North Podcast with Dom Brightmon where we discussed Inverted Leadership, the dangers of pride, and the saving grace of Jesus. I had a great time, and you can find the interview here:

* Listen in on my conversation on the show Life’s Black Belts, with Eric Alders! We had a great time discussing our stories, why we love to help other people, and of course Inverted Leadership. Check out the interview here:

* Listen to my interview on ‘The Author Inside You’ podcast! We discussed Inverted Leadership and how it can help you change every area of your life. I had a great time doing this interview, and you can find it here:

* Listen to my interview on ‘Savvy Spiritual Growth’ with Suzanne Thibault! We discuss Confident Humility and ‘Inverted Leadership,’ and how those things help you serve others and lead to spiritual growth. Enjoy!

* Listen to my interview on ‘The Jamie Irvine Show’! We discuss how humility leads to better relationships, and how those improved relationships will benefit every area of your life. Check it out here:

* Check out this article from, featuring yours truly!

* Listen to my interview with Brad Biehl and his podcast ‘More Than A Word,’ where we discuss “humility”: what it is, what it isn’t, and how it has the power to change and improve every area of your life.

* Listen in on my interview with Pauline Crawford-Omps of Magical Conversations, where we discussed 'modified chivalry', gender dynamics, and how coaching girls soccer has helped me become a kinder, gentler father:

* Listen in on my interview with Tracey Hall of Ethical Direct Selling, where we discussed my backstory, how Confident Humility would help in businesses, and what my dog Bruiser taught me about personal growth (that might also inspire you):

* Check out my interview with THE Authority and Positioning Coach at the Marketing Huddle, Mike Saunders on his show Influential Entrepreneurs. In this interview, we discussed my book Inverted Leadership, the importance of being genuine and transparent, and what humility really means:

* Check out my conversation with Munira Zahibi, where we discussed my new book Inverted Leadership and how to inspire others:

* Watch my interview with Susan Yockey on her show 'A New Day With Susan', where we discussed Inverted Leadership and how it can impact your personal and professional life:

* Listen to my interview on Ryan Durden's 'Success Talk' podcast here, where we discuss Inverted Leadership and why it's important to encourage and inspire our youth:

* Watch both of my TV interviews on abc33/40's "Talk of Alabama" (first interview available at and second interview available at )

* Listen to my interviews on the Teamwork podcast, hosted by Dan Thomas. The first interview is available at and the second interview is available at

* Listen to my interview on the 'Millennial to CEO' podcast, hosted by Danielle Taylor where we discuss Confident Humility, leadership, and how thinking of yourself less will help you in business and in life:

You can also find out more about me from mentions, articles, or interviews in the following places:             

* Read my guest post for Joseph Lalonde's leadership website here:



* The Gadsden Times newspaper

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"Joel did a phenomenal job and kept my teens and college students engaged throughout his lesson. He made us tear up, laugh out loud, and nod our head incessantly from beginning to end. I strongly recommend Joel for your speaking needs regardless of the event."

- Rene Zeringue, Associate Minister (Ohatchee Church of Christ) 



"Joel took the time to get to know us for who we were, and then challenged us to become the best versions of ourselves we could be. He will continue to be one of the best figures for motivation, wisdom, and guidance for years to come because that's the type of person he is--the type of person he will challenge you to be." 

- Brandon Schoening, Operations Coordinator II at BBVA Compass (Birmingham, AL)



"Listening to Joel speak, I always find myself engaged. His use of story-telling keeps my attention despite my battle with adult ADD, and his message left a great impact." 

- Jamie Barkley, HS Teacher and Coach (Glencoe High School, Glencoe, AL)

As soon as Joel finished, several members asked me if he could come and speak again at another event we had going on later that evening! I strongly recommend him to come and speak to other organizations, leadership or executive teams, or to anyone who wants to be encouraged about the possibilities of positive, servant-based leadership." - Belva Durham, Project Director, Senior Center Services, East AL Regional Planning & Development Commission (Anniston, AL)

"Joel came and spoke to some of our high school athletes, and in his presentation he did a great job of explaining how to be a leader. He interacted well with them, his examples were applicable to their lives, and most of all he was real with them. We'd love to have him come back and speak to other groups at our school!"- Samantha Darby, Oxford (AL) City Schools